Rina Abadiano (Makati City)

Hi Darlene,

…I am happy to say that Danielle has not experienced “major major” 😀 break outs since…She uses up about 5 jars of Baby Salve and 3 to 4 bottles of Baby Oilotion a month.  I really have to make sure that her skin is moisturized and re-moisturized just to avoid the itch-scratch-rash cycle.  But, I don’t mind and I am not worried of “overdose” because there are no side effects.  In fact, the more often she applies your products, the better for her skin.  Plus, her skin’s uneven tone is no longer noticeable (and I didn’t even have to use Citrus White for that).  Also, I forgot to include in my testimony that, finally, there is a sunblock that “understands” and is gentle on her skin.  My kids love to go swimming and, naturally, their skin need protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  The commercial brands I used to apply on them – especially Danielle – are really harsh.  There was a time she was crying while swimming because the sunblock had a stinging effect.

And, because I have seen how good Baby Blue and Olive Beauty have been for Danielle, I gave my Mom Very Oatmeal and Butter Melt because she complained of having cracked heels.  She (Mom’s in Mindanao) told me that her feet are no longer dry and cracked.  I also gave her Patchouli because it smells like Heno de Pravia, her favorite soap.  I also am using your soaps, and so is my husband and our two boys (who both love Peppermint because “it’s like bubblegum.”)