Lorie Ivy (Davao City)

ByNature Handmade Soaps

Olive Beauty
This is my first ByNature Handmade Soap ever used and by far my favorite!!  This is the only soap that ultimately moisturized my uber dry skin.  It amazingly healed the rashes on my body (side effect of using another commercial soap) in less than a week!!

Butter Melt
I love its moisturizing effect on my skin. This is also my mom’s 1st pick as she is also a fan of ByNature Handmade Soaps.

Baby Blue
After several months of being dependent on topical corticosteroid to relieve my 8-month old baby’s eczema, I’m glad to have finally found a safer yet effective alternative to address his skin condition.  Seeing considerable improvements on his skin, I must say that no soap will ever touch his skin other than Baby Blue!

Citrus White
For a whitening soap, the addition of oatmeal really hastens the whitening effect as it removes the dead skin cells thus revealing a brighter skin.  What I love the most is how it naturally whitens and moisturizes my skin without leaving any white residues which most conventional whitening soaps do.  Two thumbs up on this soap!!

Currently using this variant; I am amazed how this soap really makes my skin soft and supple!  I love its strawberry scent, too.  Another variant to add on my fave list!!

ByNature 100% Natural Products

Facial Oil In One (Keeping it Smooth)
So far, no breakouts since I started using it and a little of it really goes a long way.  I’m so loving it because it does not leave a greasy feel on my face and I started noticing visible improvements on my skin in less than 2 weeks of continued use.  Overall, I love this product!!

Moisturizing Oilotion
I use this on my 3-year old daughter who also happens to have dry skin.  Compared before, her skin now looks healthier and moisturized.

Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over (Keeping it Light)
Of all the lotions that I’ve tried, this one really won my heart!!  I love how it truly makes my skin soft and supple every time I use it because it visibly moisturizes my dry skin without that greasy feel afterwards.  Just like Facial Oil In One, a little of it goes a long way so you end up rather saving more.  I also love its earthy scent.  I’m on my 2nd bottle now and believe me, I’m all smiles whenever I use this product. :))