Karen (Dagupan City)

Since my college days, decades ago, I had been using organic soaps on and off.  With their steeper price (as against ordinary commercial soaps), these handmade goodies were a luxury to a full-time student like me.  Graduate school, and eventually an exciting career, didn’t really change how I used organic products.  They were luxurious treats that I would splurge on only on very special (meaning “rare”) occasions, like my first date with my future husband and our wedding.

I’ve been married for almost 8 years and have 2 very active sons.  But it was having a daughter (finally!) that started me thinking seriously of using organic products for my children.  My sons developed skin asthma 3 years ago, when we re-located to a province known for its humid weather.  Yes, asthma is in our genes but the hot, humid weather triggered the itchy, prickly-heat-like rashes to invade the young skin of my boys.   Our dermatologist advised us to use only Cetaphil Skin Cleanser for them.  Soaps (or as she described, “anything that foams-up”) and lotions were banned.  She prescribed Physiogel (to restore physiological lipids that are stripped-away by ordinary soaps and cause dry skin) and derma-prepared Desowen and Desonide creams.  Hence, we said goodbye to Dove and prepared our pockets for the long-haul.  Still, I refused to believe there was nothing better for my children.  Especially that, Cetaphil also caused my sons’ skins to dry up, despite regular use of Physiogel.  The medication didn’t prevent them from having “chicken skin spots” which I first mistook for ringworm.  They are not itchy, according to my sons, but they were irritating to look at!  Since no medication could fully address my sons’ skin problems, I had resigned myself to seeing their once flawless skin suffer scars from scratches that I can’t always prevent.

Then we became pregnant again! Having a daughter pushed me to look for answers elsewhere.  I was horrified at the thought that my daughter would have scars and blemishes because I gave up even before she was born.  I discovered ByNature from a friend around 2007.  I had asked her to buy the products for me then.  We moved and settled in the province in 2008. I had then stopped ordering ByNature from my friend because of the distance.  But, late last year, while on my maternity leave, I found a website of your reseller and had started ordering online.

I turned to your products for my children and found the best results since our problem began.  My sons especially love Golden Honey Oats.  They find it so fascinating that their favorite breakfast food, oatmeal with milk and honey, is also in their bath soap!  They fondly call it their Yummy Soap.  My sons also love your Cold Salve as they usually have clogged noses because of the weird weather nowadays.  They would ask me for a massage with Cold Salve whenever they have the slightest sniffles.  We had used Vicks Vapo Rub before for lack of any other cold rub.  But, my sons couldn’t tolerate the strong smell on their chest, so I would only give them back-rubs.  Now, however, they ask me to give them chest and back rubs and request for a smidgen of Cold Salve under their nostrils.  On the other hand, my baby daughter also enjoys organic products from your soaps and oils.  But I mostly love using White Salve for her nappy area.  White Salve is a really good alternative to Desitin being a moisturizer at the same time.

Needless to say, your organic products are more affordable and eco-friendlier than Cetaphil and a host of other medication our derma prescribes.  So thank you very much, Ms. Darlene, for creating ByNature Products.  You have saved moms like me from the worry and anxiety caused by our kids’ skin problems!  And, what a treat that you have given us products the whole family (in fact, the whole planet) can enjoy and benefit from.  I look forward to “yummier” organic concoctions in the future!