Ivy (Tiaong, Quezon)

Good day, Darlene!

Your QUALITY HANDMADE SOAPS and 100% Natural Products are the perfect beauty regimen now that I’m 7 months pregnant, and I will continue to use them after giving birth. Super beauty conscious me used only Cetaphil for 4 months but your soaps made my skin softer – they’re very mild. NO MORE SKIN IRRITATIONS! They really work better on my skin than Cetaphil. They moisturize, heal, and work on my skin irritations faster, for 2 days to be exact! Olive Beauty and Citrus White soaps are a good tandem for me… Facial Oil In One (Keeping it Light) smoothens my face over night! No more of the rough feeling on my face and the regular red marks are gone, which appeared even when I was not pregnant…  Sunblock Away is the best facial sunblock for my outdoor work. I hated using sunblock before because the other brands I tried were too oily or too matte, which made my powder look flaky. I enjoy using your Sunblock Away. It’s not so thick, matches well with my mineral based concealer and mineral loose powder! My workmates always say, “Blooming na buntis“, “Babae siguro anak mo, naganda ka, eh“, “Sa lahat naman ng buntis, ikaw ang naganda“, “Siguro maganda din anak mo“. So happy and haba ng hair hearing those comments, hehe!

Many thanks to ByNature Products and thank you for your very kind response to my inquiries. Excited to use your other soaps and ByNature 100% Natural Products for me and my baby.

More power!