Gianne Serrano (Malate, Manila)

Hi Darlene,

I’ve come across your product more than two years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby.  I was about to apply as a reseller when I was forced to go into bedrest.  This was the reason why I didn’t push through with my plans.

He was, if I may say, an organic baby.  Everything he used was organic.  But as he was growing up, we’ve noticed that he has dry skin especially on his legs, he keeps on scratching it until it bleeds.  His pedia recommended us to use Cetaphil lotion which I did but nothing really happened aside from the fact that it was “heavy” especially in a humid day.  His pedia told us that if I could find a soap that contains oatmeal, goat’s milk, vit.E and aloe vera; all of this aids in moisturizing his skin.

At first, I tried Burt Bee’s Goat’s Milk Soap.  It moisturized his skin for a while, but it went back to being dry again.

Then I suddenly remembered ByNature Handmade Soaps.  Reading your customer’s testimonials, I bought Baby Blue, especially made for babies.  After his first use, I initially noticed that the skin on his legs became soft.  After continuous use, he already stopped scratching.  I even showed the bar to my pedia and she was amused that all that goodness is in one bar!!

My first born will be turning 2 this month and I have a 6mo old baby boy…Both are using Baby Blue and I’m currently ordering more bars for them. 😀

Thanks, Darlene, for coming up with these wonderful bars.  It really helps us mommies in giving the BEST to our kids.

More Power and God Bless.