Connie (Makati City)

Hi Darlene,

I wanted to tell you some good news regarding your Baby Blue soap and Moisturizing OilotionRecently some people bought from me these two products because they are encountering skin dryness and sensitivity due to cancer treatments for radiation and chomotherapy.  The Baby Blue soap has helped them so much to deal with the difficulties from the treatments.  One of them uses the Baby Blue as a “shampoo” on his bald head after losing his hair.  Another woman uses the same soap on her entire body after radiation.  I was also able to convince them to use Baby Oilotion or Moisturizing Oilotion after bathing and it is wonderful.  Their skin usually flakes with store bought lotions, even the ones that are unscented.  There’s nothing like natural oils to restore their skin moisture balance.

I was also able to convince some of my friends to use Baby Oilotion/Moisturizing Oilotion for post menopause dryness.