Charesse Lima (Cagayan de Oro City)

I can truly say your soaps worked like magic on my skin. =)  I followed your tips regarding shaving.  I usually use Gillette shaving cream, the one with Vit E and moisturizers.  After shaving, when my legs are rinsed off with water, it would start to itch.  So most of the time, after shaving, I would usually have these scratch marks that look like rashes on some parts of my legs.  Sometimes, if it’s really itchy, I can’t help but scratch them until they get irritated then they would end up as ugly dark scars.  I feel like I don’t have a choice.  Waxing is expensive plus I don’t have the time.  So when I learned about your soaps and read your website, I got so excited and couldn’t wait to try them out.

True to your word, the soaps worked like magic!  When I tried using Olive Beauty as my shaving cream, I was soooo surprised!  I didn’t feel any itching on my legs, even after I bathed.  I was expecting it to happen, kind of dreading the moment, but none!  I was sooo relieved that, finally, a soap that works for my skin!!!

I even tried Dove as my shaving cream since it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, as what they say, but it didn’t work.  It doesn’t have the kind of moisturizing effect that Olive Beauty has.  I literally compared the two products.  I just wondered why Dove wasn’t moisturizing my skin after rinsing it off since, during shaving and bathing, the soap really felt thick and creamy.  Naturally, I felt like it was really going to moisturize my skin, but it didn’t. =(

With Olive Beauty, it’s so light and it just glides on my skin.  Lesser soap suds, too.  I was even hesitant at first and, as I mentioned earlier, I was already expecting the itching to happen because I don’t see and feel the usual thick and creamy soap I was used to.  Psychological effect… maybe?  Hehehe!  Yippy!  No itching!!!  Especially when the hair starts to grow back after a day or 2, that’s when the itching gets worse.  But to my surprise, my skin actually feels good.

Another thing I noticed too, even if I don’t put lotion on and I would scratch my skin, there are no white visible marks of dryness.  So it’s really moisturizing!  Proven and tested.  Very happy with the results.  Plus, it’s economical, too.  I think it even cured my skin asthma because, ever since I used the soap, my skin got better.  I was really excited because, for the first time, I finally found the perfect soap. =)

I love the Baby Salve, too.  I use it as a moisturizer on my face at night and I use it on my daughter if she has insect bites, booboos or any redness on her skin.  I also use it if my skin starts to itch for no reason at all.  I do get this sometimes (and I guess dust particles causes this).  I just put on Baby Salve and, in a few minutes, the itching would subside.  Another magic.  Hehehe!  Plus it’s so handy, too.  I don’t leave the house without it.

So, a BIG THANKS and TWO THUMBS UP to Darlene of ByNature Products, for the patience and continuous research & development of products I happen to fall in-love with in a matter of days, and, of course, for the benefits it brings my skin, our skin and other people as well.  I can truly say, these are the kinds of products worth buying!  Cheers!