Armie (Baguio City)

Hi, I usually hate using soap because my skin feels dry and tight afterwards but your Baby Blue soap makes it squeaky clean without feeling dry.  Mas madali ring mag-exfoliate (with a bath scrub). It feels like my skin can breathe again.

Hindi naman madaling matunaw. I used a knife to cut off a mini soap bar from the big bar and re-wrapped the unused portion in the cling wrap packaging to preserve the glycerol and moisture content of the unused portion. From the looks of it, one bar will last me a month or so.

I’m also like your Baby Oilotion. Parang counterintuitive to put oil on oily/combination skin pero it works. Maybe dry din kasi ang climate dito sa Baguio so it’s suitable. Skin feels soft, no breakouts, even though it’s my period.

By the way, na-order ko na nga pala before yung Sunblock Away mo from a reseller and I want to share that I found an additional use for it as a diaper rash remedy because of the zinc oxide, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and oil base. Worked well for my daughter. Better than the cream that the doctor prescribed na effective din pero ang lagkit and messy.