Agape Mendoza (Cavite)

Hello, Darlene,

I know I promised you that I’ll give you a review on your products after 1 month.  I believe that I will feel and see the full benefits after a month of using ByNature Products.

I’m afraid I can no longer do that…. kasi naubos ba yung ByNature Products na binili ko!!!!

Here’s what happened:

I just received the products last Thursday then ginamit ko na agad nung gabi. Come Sunday, the family had lunch. My sister noticed that my skin is smooth daw.

Sis1:  What are you using? Kasi ang kinis ng face mo.

Me:  ByNature Handmade Soaps and facial oil and their body oil.

Sis1:  What’s that? Saan mo na naman naresearch yan?

Me:  Sa net. They are handmade soaps at organic & natural products kaya very moisturizing. Napansin ko kasi na kahit oily ang face ko nadadry pa din. Siguro dahil sa age.

Sis1:  Talaga? Show me.

Then ipinakita ko sa kanya yung Sea Mud Pie (facial soap) at Citrus White (body soap for my peklats). She begged me to give her the Citrus White soap kasi maputi na naman daw ako, well it’s true.

Me:  Fine! Sana makatulong yung Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over – Keep it Light to lighten my peklats.

Sis1:  Meron ding lightening lotion? Show me.

(Oh no……)

My kamote, she almost emptied the bottle.

Me:  Oi! Kalahati lang no. A little goes a long way.

Sis1:  E negra ako eh.

Me: I still cannot vouch kung talagang nakakaputi yan no kasi less than a week ko pa nga lang ginagamit yan. That’s not a miracle oil!!!



Hubby:  Nay, ano ba yung nakalagay sa kahoy mo sa bathroom?

Me:  Soap ko. Yung green sa face, yung white sa body.

Hubby:  Bago yun no? Kasi parang kumikinis ka eh. Pa-try.

Me:  Hindi mo magugustuhan yung amoy kasi herbal and not the scent of your usual soap.

Hubby:  Okay lang subukan ko lang baka kuminis din ako.



Hubby:  Order ka na uli nung green soap mo na amoy luya at bayabas kasi mauubos na!

Me:  May 2/3 pa ng bar nakatago lang. Why?

Hubby:  Masarap kasi sa katawan.

Me:  Di ba sabi mo amoy luya and bayabas?!?!?!

Hubby:  Di ko maexplain pero masarap talaga sa balat. Order ka na lang uli. Sa net ba yun? Anu-anong soap meron sila?


So we browsed your site and nakita niya na may ibang soap. Very interested sya sa Strawberry Milkshake order daw ako ng 5. Then sakto tumawag si Sis1 order daw uli ako nung Citrus White soap….

Haaayssss…. Iyan ang nobela….


Hello Darlene,

It’s me again….

As I’ve kwento before, my family is very validosa. My mom keeps on making kulit to ask you if she can use the 2 variants of Facial Oil In One at the same time. Meaning Keeping it Light first then after a few minutes the Keeping it Smooth naman daw.

She has many sun spots and lines because she’s already 62. She envies me kasi daw kahit daw tinadtad ako ng pimples before hindi daw ako mukhang dalmatian (how sweet, mother). I told her because I’m always using sunblock or sunscreen EVERYDAY. So kahit bumabagyo pa yan or very cloudy sa labas or I’m just inside the house I’m still wearing sunblock.

My obsession is sunblock. Kung si Sis1 ay obsess sa whitening, ako naman sa protection. I’ve mentioned before na my mom’s side are tisay and I noticed that all of them have sun spots on their face and arms. Me, since I was 19 years old, I’m already slathering sunblock everyday kaya I almost have no spots.

Here’s my kwento on how I’m using Sunblock Away:

My oiling ritual in the morning is Balm of Butter on face & body (my Facial Oil in One Keeping it Light is nasa mom ko and Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over Keeping it Light na kay Sis1), then my benzoyl peroxide on my face and lastly Sunblock Away. After a few minutes, I apply White Salve on my face to somehow mattify. Define sunblock obsession.

Since I’m a commuter, lahat ng usok ng tambucho dumikit sa skin ko so as soon as I’m at the office I spray Disinfect It! Spray on facial tissue then kuskos galore sa face, neck and arms. Then I reapply the sunblock. O di ba kulang na lang inumin ko….

Well, it’s time for me to go home.  Until another kwentuhan.


Hello, Darlene,

I know that you’ve received lots of testimony on your soaps. This time I’ll give a review on your White Salve.

Maybe you’re thinking why White Salve? E wala naman akong baby!!!

These are the ways I use White Salve:

  • No more benzoyl peroxide. White Salve is effective in reducing the redness and inflammation of my pimples plus it is non-drying.
  • Reduces excessive oil production.
  • Effective in skin healing. Baby Salve helps minimize/control the itchiness of insect bites but White Salve makes it heal faster. Mas mabilis humupa yung pantal even the garter marks of socks – flat agad!.
  • I also use it around my underarm area where it usually itches after shaving which helps in suppressing the intolerable kati. Recently, I use this as my anti-perspirant/deodorant since it’s not so hot these days. So far no smell!!!
  • Aids in giving relief to skin allergies or irritations.
  • Since it is white (in color) this also serves as my face powder.
  • Of course, a very effective sunscreen.
  • My all around pahid to whatever itches or redness.



Good day, Darlene,

I just want to share with you my perfect combination shampoo for active kids since they’ve been using it for 2 months now and I can say that it really works.

Here’s what I use: Patchouli and Just Tea Tree. I just combined equal parts of Patchouli – for it’s wonderful scent, and Just Tea Tree – for it’s antibacterial properties. Their heads (son & dad) smell sweet, not sweat, for the whole day even if they’ve perspired a lot.

Since my son is 11 years old already and hitting his puberty sinisimulan na siya tubuan ng blackheads and tiny pimples in his forehead. Good thing Just Tea Tree is antibacterial and great for the management of his tiny pimples. When he was using Patchouli pa lang, the tiny pimples lessened already but when I combined it with Just Tea Tree his forehead cleared just the blackheads na lang pero konti na lang and no longer develops into a pimple. Sabi nya nga sa akin, “Nanay ako po ang may pinaka-makinis na mukha sa boys. Kahit nga po sa ibang girls sa room mas makinis ang mukha ko. Viva Patchouli!” Hahaha ang tawa ko talaga.

Explained it to him na dinagdagan ko ng Just Tea Tree yung shampoo niya but he still calls it Patchouli – in a sing song voice. The mixture I made was a bit runny para directly makapunta yung wash sa scalp niya. Btw, it’s Patchouli head and body wash na. Yung unang gawa ko ng combi I put it in an old pump bottle but nahirapan siyang i-pump kasi minsan may nata-trap na tea tree leaves. So I looked for our old squeezable condiments bottle na nilalagyan ng ketchup. Effective!

Hubby is a bit hard to convince to use the Patchouli wash as his shampoo. He still uses commercial shampoo minsan. Funny thing is napansin ni hubby that I always sniffed our son’s head so he got curious. So now he is a “full” time user and I also sniff his head. Hindi pala siya curious kundi jealous :-D. His favorite soap for his face & body is Sea Mud Pie. Kahit na bigyan ko siya ng another variant of soap, he would still ask me, “Wala na yung bayabas & luya?” Pardon my hubby’s unpolished olfactory sense.