Terms & Conditions

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RUSH ORDERS.  Please give us three (3) working days to confirm your payment and five (5) working days to prepare your order for ship out.  More items ordered may/will take longer to prepare, but we aim not to exceed five (5) working days.  You will be informed in case this becomes so.

Following up with us once is okay.  Constantly doing so is not necessary as long as we have not exceeded the three (3) and five (5) working days for payment confirmation and order preparation, respectively.

Once payment is made, kindly inform us via e-mail (bynature.products@gmail.com) and include a photo of the deposit slip or a screen shot of the online transfer.

Once payment is received by us (meaning, the amount has reflected in our online banking account and/or check payment has been cleared), an e-mail will be sent to you that your order is being processed.

The system will automatically send an e-mail to follow-up payments not made.  If no payment is made after the second reminder, your order will automatically be cancelled.

Your order is deemed completed once the courier gets your package.  We have NO CONTROL over it anymore.  Any delay in your package's delivery does not, in any way, reflect on the quality of our company's service.

In case the delivery of your package does take longer than expected and you have already reached out to the courier, we will gladly assist you in following up as well.  Just forward to us your e-mail to them.


Important things to know about ByNature Products before you make your purchase:

ByNature Products are all handmade, so every product is unique and “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT”.  The bars may come out uneven, the stickers on the packaging may be a bit crooked, the contents may look so-so once opened…quite a number of “imperfections” if you focus on their appearance, but, trust us, the products themselves will live up to their purpose.

We use ByNature Products every single day and we hardly have skin issues, considering that we come from a family of asthmatics (hence, skin asthma) and sensitive skin.

By now, you might be all excited to start placing your order, we understand, but there are a lot more things to know about ByNature Products.  Do check them out under “Info, Use & Care” (on the “About” page).


Shipping Charges

Additional charges may apply for heavy packages.  A revised invoice will then be sent to you.

For those who pay via PayPal / Credit card, the additional charges may be settled via the same mode of payment or through Bank deposit / Online transfer.   Best to inquire first before placing your order.

Note:  A package is considered “heavy” if it contains more than 10 big bars.


PayPal/Credit Card Payment

There is a processing fee of 6% for PayPal/Credit Card.

The processing fee is computed as:

(Total order amount + Shipping fee) x Processing fee


On Cancelled Orders Due To Non-Payment

  • For the FIRST cancelled order, you may inform us immediately if you would like to revive it or you may place a new order once you are ready.
  • For the SECOND cancelled order, your account will already be blocked. You may send us an e-mail request once you are ready to pay for and complete an order.


Exchanges & Refunds

We allow exchanges only if:

  • The product sent is not what you ordered.
  • The product already seems “deteriorated” with proof (photos perhaps).

Option 1:
You can send back the product and shoulder the shipping & handling fee, then we will send you the correct item and we shoulder the shipping & handling fee.

IMPORTANT: Once we receive the package, we will inspect the product first. If it was the wrong product sent to you, it MUST BE in good condition, unopened, and can still be sold. Otherwise, we cannot replace it. We can send it back to you provided that you shoulder the shipping & handling fee once again.)

Option 2:
Same as Option 1 but instead of having the correct product shipped to you, we will send the refund ONLY via BPI online fund transfer or bank deposits.

Option 3:
Same as Option 2 but instead of getting the refund, you will wait until your next order and we will just deduct your balance from there.


We do not give refunds if:

  • You are not happy with the product but there is nothing wrong with it.
  • You tried a product and encountered a skin reaction (allergies, redness, itchiness, etc.).  You are responsible to know what you are allergic to.  The ingredients of each product are already indicated in the description, so you can easily check.  Doing a patch/skin test first is necessary if you have very sensitive skin or a certain skin condition.  Remember, one can be allergic to even natural and safe ingredients like food.
  • You received your orders in bad shape (dents, leaks, etc.).  We cannot control how the couriers handle the packages.  What we can do is pack the products the best way we can, most of the time, using recycled materials. We are not fans of fancy packaging and packages.  We simply want you to receive your orders in good condition.

We give refunds if:

  • An item was accidentally not included in the package.  We will check our inventory and see if we do have an extra item lying around somewhere.
  • Upon receiving the product, it is already “deteriorated”.  The complaint must be done within 7 days after we send out the package and the product must be returned within 3-5 days after sending the complaint (shipping & handling shouldered by you).  If ever the item turns out to be as complained, we will gladly send you the refund (via BPI online fund transfer or bank deposits ONLY).