Tea Limelight 200g


Serves as both an astringent and a toner to help shrink pores.


This soap will benefit the skin and help tighten the pores. It also has antioxidant and skin-rejuvenating qualities that will keep you looking fresh and youthful.

Ingredients:  Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Palm Oil, Saponified Olive Oil, Pure Essential Oils (Lime, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Lemon Verbena), Witch Hazel Extract, Carrot Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Green Tea Leaves, Vitamin E, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Argan Oil

Weight:  at least 200g / 7.05oz

Packaging:  Label only.  Plastic wrapper needs to be requested for.  Let’s say #notoplastic.

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