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Babies (6 months and older), just like newborns, deserve only the mildest and safest products for their delicate skin.

Handmade Soaps

  • Baby Blue – A very healing and soothing bar that contains a lot of  vitamin E.
  • Olive Beauty – Full of olive oil that nourishes the skin and helps it retain moisture. Best soap for newborns.
If a 200g bar variant is out of stock, it can be replaced with another 200g variant of your choice.

100% Natural Products

  • Baby Oilotion – Apply this after every bath for softer and healthier skin. It is light and easily absorbed.
  • Baby Salve – Use this salve for most baby concerns – diaper rash, insect bites, eczema, dry patches, and even small cuts and booboos.
  • Lippy Pot Balm – Adds moisture on your lips with every application, keeping them soft and supple.
  • White Salve – The perfect salve to prevent and heal diaper rash. May also be used as sunblock.

NOTE:  This set can also be used for those with eczema (atopic dermatitis, skin asthma) and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin).

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Dimensions: 10 x 2.5 x 12 inches

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