ByNature Handmade Soaps and Ol’factory bars


Q:  Why do your handmade soaps “sweat” or get moist, especially during the rainy season?

A:  What makes the “sweating” occur on our handmade soaps is the naturally-formed glycerin (a humectant) that is retained in every bar.  While big manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soaps, we want our babies to keep theirs so they can keep your skin moisturized with every use.  The glycerin that goes on your skin will naturally absorb water or moisture from the air, leaving you feeling soft all over.

So, the next time you see our handmade soaps “sweating”, especially during humid weather, you know that they’re just doing their job.


Q:  Do the handmade soaps expire?

A:  They will always be good soaps.  Their scent may become faint, they may smell rancid (they’re full of oils after all), they will shrink and become very hard, BUT they will still lather and do their job, which is to clean.


Q:  I have sensitive skin.  Can I use all your soaps?

A:  Although we use high-quality and premium fragrance oils for Ol’factory bars, we highly recommend using only ByNature Handmade Soaps if you have sensitive skin, since they’re 100% natural.  Ol’factory bars are at least 96% natural, but people with sensitive skin may react to them, most likely, because of the fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are scent imitations of foods, fruits, flowers, leaves, and spices.  They make up the small percentage of what is not natural in our handmade soaps.  The reason I still use them is because I want all my users to have a choice.  Those who have normal skin or who do not mind such ingredients can still enjoy the goodness of our bars with their favorite scents.  Those with sensitive or problem skin are best to stick with ByNature Handmade Soaps.

Know more about fragrance oils HERE.


Q:  How come I am still reacting to your natural soaps?

A:  That is not surprising because we can still get skin reactions even to safe and natural products, just like how we can react to certain foods.  What’s important is you know what natural ingredients you may be allergic to so you can avoid using products that contain those ingredients.   Our products’ ingredients are disclosed on each product page so you can easily check them.


Q:  Do you have tear-free soaps for kids?

A:  No, we do not.  All our handmade soaps do not contain synthetic ingredients (except for the fragrance oils as shared above).  In order to make a product tear-free, chemicals are added, which actually defeats the purpose of “protecting” the child’s eyes.  Simply prevent lather from dripping down the face.  When bathing babies and little kids, always have a face towel ready to wipe off any lather going down the forehead.  For older kids, train them to avoid touching their eyes when it has soap lather.  If children who use our handmade soaps for the hair, teach them to simply keep their eyes closed until they have thoroughly rinsed off the suds.

Btw, to make tear-free products, cetain chemical ingredients are removed, but are then replace with other chemical ingredients.  Makes sense?  Not to me.


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ByNature 100% Natural Products


Q:  Do your 100% Natural Products have expirations?

A:  Since they all contain oils and/or butters and do not have synthetic preservatives, they can become rancid after a certain period, just like regular oils (e.g. cooking oils).  Frequent exposure to the elements (e.g. heat, oxygen, sunlight) will hasten their rancidification.  It is best to store them in cool, dark places.  Storing them in the refrigerator when not in use can help prolong their shelf life.


Q:  What is the difference between Baby Salve and White Salve?

A:  Baby Salve is normally used for rashes, minor cuts and wounds, bruises, even as a moisturizer.  White Salve is more for preventing rashes (like diaper rash), faster healing of wounds, and serves as a facial sunblock.


Q:  My baby has eczema.  Which ones of your products can I use on him?

A:  We recommend Baby Blue, Baby Oilotion, and Baby Salve.  Use Baby Blue for his top-to-toe wash (be carefule with the lather dripping to his eyes) then Baby Oilotion right after patting him dry, while his skin is still damp.  Lastly, apply Baby Salve where the rashes are.  You can apply it as often as you want, especially once the rash area feels dry again.


Q:  What is your most moisturizing product?  I have very dry skin and cracks on my heels.

A:  That would be Balm of Butter.  Use it after bathing and apply a generous amount on your heels then wear socks to keep the oils on your skin and not on the bedsheet.  This should help soften your skin with regular use.


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