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Small choices that have a big impact for our future generation.

Brew Up a Clean Floor

Tea is all you need to clean wooden floors and bring up the shine, particularly on older wooden flooring.  Brew two teabags in hot water and cool to room temperature, then apply with a mop or a cloth.  The added bonus is that there’s no need to rinse.  Only use this on hardwood flooring to bring out the natural grain and lustre.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


So cheap and yet so effective!  Any type of tea will do, but you would want to follow the color of your wooden flooring.  There’s black tea for dark wood and yellow or green tea for light wood.

We’re Finally Doing It! #NoToPlastic

Go Nude! #NoToPlastic

We fully support this campaign!

Starting today, ByNature Handmade Soaps and Ol’factory Bars will automatically be sent out to our customers BARE*.

It took a while to take the plunge, because of the nature of our handmade soaps, acting like a humectant and all.  Our bars were always packaged in plastic merely because they easily absorb moisture from the air (one of the reasons your skin feels soft whenever you use them) and “sweat”.  Given this, it’s difficult to be #plasticfree, especially when the weather is humid and wet.  Our bars can “sweat” like crazy during this season.  Paper wrappers and boxes will easily get soggy.

Yet, we are doing it, thanks to our son’s current #ecobrick project in school, buyers requesting for #noplasticwrapping, and a whole lot of recent sad photos and videos of animals suffering from plastic waste.  It was really high time!

If you have a good place to store your orders of our handmade soaps, then there will be no problem to go #plasticfree.

These small steps make a big difference in the long run.  Let’s just start doing our part.

Let’s make this possible, guys!

#saveourenvironment #saveouroceans #savemotherearth


* Unless requested to have them wrapped. We still want our customers to have a choice. Just dispose the plastic wraps responsibly.

Hand Off Smells

If your hands smell of fish or onions after preparing a meal, don’t immediately reach for the washing-up liquid.  Salt dissolved in warm water will do just as good as a handwash and will keep your run-off water detergent free.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


This is worth trying.  Not only is it effective, it’s very safe for our environment!


Grease It Out

Don’t smother kitchen grease in increasingly powerful detergents, which are toxic to the environment.  First, try a simple mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda.  When mixed together, those two have powerful degreasing properties, without causing any harm to the environment.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


It’s amazing how these simple and kitchen ingredients  can do such tough jobs.  Not only will you feel good not contaminating our water and soil, but these ingredients are way cheaper than their chemical counterparts!

Sprinkle Away Smells

Instead of using room fresheners or anti-smell powders and sprays in your rubbish bin to cut down on nasty odours, simply sprinkle a handful of salt inside.  The salt acts by neutralizing unwanted smells.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


I was never a fan of car fresheners nor home sprays that reek of strong chemical perfumes.  This suggestion works well for me and my home.  Eliminate (or, in this case, neutralize) the source and not just mask the smell.