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The Wonders of Essential Oils

For years now, I have been using essential oils on my products and it is amazing what they can do for our skin.  Last year, though, I discovered more about the wonders of these precious oils and experienced them first-hand.  They don’t only help with so many skin conditions (really!), but they also help regulate our minds and our bodies to function optimally, improving our well-being in the process.

I won’t be sharing this at all if I did not notice nor feel the benefits of these essential oils.  In fact, I have been feeling calmer during moments when I would normally feel “stressed out” already, plus, my family has been healthier than ever!  Now, that, to me, is worth sharing!

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Here’s to good health and overall wellness!

Brew Up a Clean Floor

Tea is all you need to clean wooden floors and bring up the shine, particularly on older wooden flooring.  Brew two teabags in hot water and cool to room temperature, then apply with a mop or a cloth.  The added bonus is that there’s no need to rinse.  Only use this on hardwood flooring to bring out the natural grain and lustre.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


So cheap and yet so effective!  Any type of tea will do, but you would want to follow the color of your wooden flooring.  There’s black tea for dark wood and yellow or green tea for light wood.

We’re Finally Doing It! #NoToPlastic

Go Nude! #NoToPlastic

We fully support this campaign!

Starting today, ByNature Handmade Soaps and Ol’factory Bars will automatically be sent out to our customers BARE*.

It took a while to take the plunge, because of the nature of our handmade soaps, acting like a humectant and all.  Our bars were always packaged in plastic merely because they easily absorb moisture from the air (one of the reasons your skin feels soft whenever you use them) and “sweat”.  Given this, it’s difficult to be #plasticfree, especially when the weather is humid and wet.  Our bars can “sweat” like crazy during this season.  Paper wrappers and boxes will easily get soggy.

Yet, we are doing it, thanks to our son’s current #ecobrick project in school, buyers requesting for #noplasticwrapping, and a whole lot of recent sad photos and videos of animals suffering from plastic waste.  It was really high time!

If you have a good place to store your orders of our handmade soaps, then there will be no problem to go #plasticfree.

These small steps make a big difference in the long run.  Let’s just start doing our part.

Let’s make this possible, guys!

#saveourenvironment #saveouroceans #savemotherearth


* Unless requested to have them wrapped. We still want our customers to have a choice. Just dispose the plastic wraps responsibly.

Charesse Lima (Cagayan de Oro City)

I can truly say your soaps worked like magic on my skin. =)  I followed your tips regarding shaving.  I usually use Gillette shaving cream, the one with Vit E and moisturizers.  After shaving, when my legs are rinsed off with water, it would start to itch.  So most of the time, after shaving, I would usually have these scratch marks that look like rashes on some parts of my legs.  Sometimes, if it’s really itchy, I can’t help but scratch them until they get irritated then they would end up as ugly dark scars.  I feel like I don’t have a choice.  Waxing is expensive plus I don’t have the time.  So when I learned about your soaps and read your website, I got so excited and couldn’t wait to try them out.

True to your word, the soaps worked like magic!  When I tried using Olive Beauty as my shaving cream, I was soooo surprised!  I didn’t feel any itching on my legs, even after I bathed.  I was expecting it to happen, kind of dreading the moment, but none!  I was sooo relieved that, finally, a soap that works for my skin!!!

I even tried Dove as my shaving cream since it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, as what they say, but it didn’t work.  It doesn’t have the kind of moisturizing effect that Olive Beauty has.  I literally compared the two products.  I just wondered why Dove wasn’t moisturizing my skin after rinsing it off since, during shaving and bathing, the soap really felt thick and creamy.  Naturally, I felt like it was really going to moisturize my skin, but it didn’t. =(

With Olive Beauty, it’s so light and it just glides on my skin.  Lesser soap suds, too.  I was even hesitant at first and, as I mentioned earlier, I was already expecting the itching to happen because I don’t see and feel the usual thick and creamy soap I was used to.  Psychological effect… maybe?  Hehehe!  Yippy!  No itching!!!  Especially when the hair starts to grow back after a day or 2, that’s when the itching gets worse.  But to my surprise, my skin actually feels good.

Another thing I noticed too, even if I don’t put lotion on and I would scratch my skin, there are no white visible marks of dryness.  So it’s really moisturizing!  Proven and tested.  Very happy with the results.  Plus, it’s economical, too.  I think it even cured my skin asthma because, ever since I used the soap, my skin got better.  I was really excited because, for the first time, I finally found the perfect soap. =)

I love the Baby Salve, too.  I use it as a moisturizer on my face at night and I use it on my daughter if she has insect bites, booboos or any redness on her skin.  I also use it if my skin starts to itch for no reason at all.  I do get this sometimes (and I guess dust particles causes this).  I just put on Baby Salve and, in a few minutes, the itching would subside.  Another magic.  Hehehe!  Plus it’s so handy, too.  I don’t leave the house without it.

So, a BIG THANKS and TWO THUMBS UP to Darlene of ByNature Products, for the patience and continuous research & development of products I happen to fall in-love with in a matter of days, and, of course, for the benefits it brings my skin, our skin and other people as well.  I can truly say, these are the kinds of products worth buying!  Cheers!

Hand Off Smells

If your hands smell of fish or onions after preparing a meal, don’t immediately reach for the washing-up liquid.  Salt dissolved in warm water will do just as good as a handwash and will keep your run-off water detergent free.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


This is worth trying.  Not only is it effective, it’s very safe for our environment!


Grease It Out

Don’t smother kitchen grease in increasingly powerful detergents, which are toxic to the environment.  First, try a simple mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda.  When mixed together, those two have powerful degreasing properties, without causing any harm to the environment.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


It’s amazing how these simple and kitchen ingredients  can do such tough jobs.  Not only will you feel good not contaminating our water and soil, but these ingredients are way cheaper than their chemical counterparts!

Rina Abadiano (Makati City)

Hi Darlene,

…I am happy to say that Danielle has not experienced “major major” 😀 break outs since…She uses up about 5 jars of Baby Salve and 3 to 4 bottles of Baby Oilotion a month.  I really have to make sure that her skin is moisturized and re-moisturized just to avoid the itch-scratch-rash cycle.  But, I don’t mind and I am not worried of “overdose” because there are no side effects.  In fact, the more often she applies your products, the better for her skin.  Plus, her skin’s uneven tone is no longer noticeable (and I didn’t even have to use Citrus White for that).  Also, I forgot to include in my testimony that, finally, there is a sunblock that “understands” and is gentle on her skin.  My kids love to go swimming and, naturally, their skin need protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  The commercial brands I used to apply on them – especially Danielle – are really harsh.  There was a time she was crying while swimming because the sunblock had a stinging effect.

And, because I have seen how good Baby Blue and Olive Beauty have been for Danielle, I gave my Mom Very Oatmeal and Butter Melt because she complained of having cracked heels.  She (Mom’s in Mindanao) told me that her feet are no longer dry and cracked.  I also gave her Patchouli because it smells like Heno de Pravia, her favorite soap.  I also am using your soaps, and so is my husband and our two boys (who both love Peppermint because “it’s like bubblegum.”)


Gianne Serrano (Malate, Manila)

Hi Darlene,

I’ve come across your product more than two years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby.  I was about to apply as a reseller when I was forced to go into bedrest.  This was the reason why I didn’t push through with my plans.

He was, if I may say, an organic baby.  Everything he used was organic.  But as he was growing up, we’ve noticed that he has dry skin especially on his legs, he keeps on scratching it until it bleeds.  His pedia recommended us to use Cetaphil lotion which I did but nothing really happened aside from the fact that it was “heavy” especially in a humid day.  His pedia told us that if I could find a soap that contains oatmeal, goat’s milk, vit.E and aloe vera; all of this aids in moisturizing his skin.

At first, I tried Burt Bee’s Goat’s Milk Soap.  It moisturized his skin for a while, but it went back to being dry again.

Then I suddenly remembered ByNature Handmade Soaps.  Reading your customer’s testimonials, I bought Baby Blue, especially made for babies.  After his first use, I initially noticed that the skin on his legs became soft.  After continuous use, he already stopped scratching.  I even showed the bar to my pedia and she was amused that all that goodness is in one bar!!

My first born will be turning 2 this month and I have a 6mo old baby boy…Both are using Baby Blue and I’m currently ordering more bars for them. 😀

Thanks, Darlene, for coming up with these wonderful bars.  It really helps us mommies in giving the BEST to our kids.

More Power and God Bless.

Sprinkle Away Smells

Instead of using room fresheners or anti-smell powders and sprays in your rubbish bin to cut down on nasty odours, simply sprinkle a handful of salt inside.  The salt acts by neutralizing unwanted smells.

– 1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd


I was never a fan of car fresheners nor home sprays that reek of strong chemical perfumes.  This suggestion works well for me and my home.  Eliminate (or, in this case, neutralize) the source and not just mask the smell.

Lorie Ivy (Davao City)

ByNature Handmade Soaps

Olive Beauty
This is my first ByNature Handmade Soap ever used and by far my favorite!!  This is the only soap that ultimately moisturized my uber dry skin.  It amazingly healed the rashes on my body (side effect of using another commercial soap) in less than a week!!

Butter Melt
I love its moisturizing effect on my skin. This is also my mom’s 1st pick as she is also a fan of ByNature Handmade Soaps.

Baby Blue
After several months of being dependent on topical corticosteroid to relieve my 8-month old baby’s eczema, I’m glad to have finally found a safer yet effective alternative to address his skin condition.  Seeing considerable improvements on his skin, I must say that no soap will ever touch his skin other than Baby Blue!

Citrus White
For a whitening soap, the addition of oatmeal really hastens the whitening effect as it removes the dead skin cells thus revealing a brighter skin.  What I love the most is how it naturally whitens and moisturizes my skin without leaving any white residues which most conventional whitening soaps do.  Two thumbs up on this soap!!

Currently using this variant; I am amazed how this soap really makes my skin soft and supple!  I love its strawberry scent, too.  Another variant to add on my fave list!!

ByNature 100% Natural Products

Facial Oil In One (Keeping it Smooth)
So far, no breakouts since I started using it and a little of it really goes a long way.  I’m so loving it because it does not leave a greasy feel on my face and I started noticing visible improvements on my skin in less than 2 weeks of continued use.  Overall, I love this product!!

Moisturizing Oilotion
I use this on my 3-year old daughter who also happens to have dry skin.  Compared before, her skin now looks healthier and moisturized.

Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over (Keeping it Light)
Of all the lotions that I’ve tried, this one really won my heart!!  I love how it truly makes my skin soft and supple every time I use it because it visibly moisturizes my dry skin without that greasy feel afterwards.  Just like Facial Oil In One, a little of it goes a long way so you end up rather saving more.  I also love its earthy scent.  I’m on my 2nd bottle now and believe me, I’m all smiles whenever I use this product. :))