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​ByNature on Sabbatical

Our dearest Customers,

For almost 20 years of making handmade skin care products for you and your family, it truly saddens us to let you know that this long and indefinite break is going to take place for ByNature Products.  It was a tough one to make, but it was a family decision.

The last batches* of handmade soaps were already made June 29.  Whatever variants offered on ByNature Online will be all that is left of our bars.

For some 100% Natural Products, a few more batches will be made in the next few weeks, but those will be our last batches as well.

We encourage you to start ordering your supplies as early as now, because, once the products are out of stock, they won’t be available anymore.

*Most of the bars recently made are our bestsellers:

• Baby Blue
• Citrus White
• Lavender Treat
• Utter Bliss

For these batches of handmade soaps, I made them extra special.  They are loaded with more essential oil goodness (as in a lot!) and more of their skin-benefiting ingredients!  All that for the same price!

Can’t wait to order them?  Good news!  We are now accepting reservations for the four (4) variants.

For Reservations:
• You still need to order them online.  A special listing has been added already.
• You may include your other favorite items.  Might as well!
• To confirm a reserved order, it has to be paid in full within the usual given period.  Cancelled orders due to non-payment will automatically release the reserved items.
• Your orders will be shipped out once the special-made bars are ready (around late July to early August).  You will be updated then.

Once again, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for patronizing and supporting ByNature Products all these years!